Material Imagination/ Reconnecting with the matter of architecture

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Material Imagination

reconnecting with the matter of architecture

A two day symposium on MATERIAL CULTURE at Aarhus School of Architecture
November 28th - 29th 2018 
The symposium is arranged by a group of researchers from Aarhus School of Architecture, who runs a three years project entitled "Material Imagination - reconnecting with the matter of Architecture", which takes as its point of departure the notion that we share a personal and collective Material Imagination, and that it is precisely a concrete notion of materiality and its connection to our everyday lives that is missing from the current field of digitally motivated materials research, which to a large degree, is reflected in contemporary architecture. 
Three leading scholars will discuss various aspects of the material imagination from different points of view: Professor emeritus Adrian Forty, The Bartlett UCL London, Professor emeritus Àkos Moravánszky, ETH Zürich and professor Paul Emmons, WAAC/Virginia Tech. From architectural practice, architect Anupama Kundoo, is invited.